Extending NCommet

NCommet cannot fulfill the needs for every application. It does cover many common requirements, such as persistence, but cannot possibly predict every need. That's where modules come in.

NCommet supports extensions, called modules. A module is a class that implements the IModule interface and gets loaded by the Configurator. You can have as many modules as you want, each having its own purpose. A module typically subscribes to EventSink's events and performs actions in response to those events. Since the module is implemented by you, it can be fully aware of your business model.


A module could...
  • catch the ItemSaved event to monitor and log the save operations.
  • catch the ItemSaving event and set default values for some fields of the content objects
  • catch the ItemDeleting event and instead of deleting an item, it could move it under another item (recycle bin functionality)

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